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Rattan cane webbing


Rattan cane webbing refers to rattan webbing made from Chair-cane (rattan peel\bark). Rattan webbing made from rattan core is called reed webbing. These are elegant looking furniture material that enhance quality. Cane webbing is strong enough to support weight of a sitting person and flexible enough to bend around sharp corner of wooden frames. They are simple to use, and are uniformly made for mass production of high value furniture. Production of cane webbing requires a lot of labor, attention, skill and craftsmanship. Every production steps involves repetitive careful hand selection.

Almost all cane webbing are made in rolls of standard length of 50 feet (15.24 meter). The regular width of a roll ranges from 12"inches-(30.5cm) to 24"-(61cm). Extra wide rolls, such as 30"(76cm), 36"(91cm), are also available on some common patterns. They are valued in different price ranges. Traditionally, value of cane webbing is quoted in U.S. dollar per square foot (or per square meter) for wholesale trade. 10 rolls of cane webbing of the same size (width) are put into an export carton. 

First quality cane webbing has been semi-bleached for light uniform color. Fully bleached paper- white color cane webbing are usually made from rattan that has many color variation, and these usually cost less. Unbleached natural cane webbing are stronger, more durable, but darker in color.

Octagonal mesh cane webbing

Octagonal mesh cane webbing's are produced in the following patterns:

1"mesh - L101 semi-bleached quality (one inch mesh) Y101 - natural unbleached quality

3/4" mesh - LM105 semi-bleached quality, (3/4 inch mesh) Y105 - natural unbleached quality

5/8" mesh - LHM107 semi-beached first quality, LCH Y107 - natural unbleached quality

1/2" mesh - LHM109 semi-bleached first quality, LCH Y109 - natural unbleached quality

- LHM109-SP semi-bleached special quality. It is woven with the latest technology in producing rattan yarn that has unusually good uniform width, a perfected rattan cutting skill. The color selection of the rattan yarn (Chair-cane) is regular first quality Loonti cane (LCH a most flexible, strong, flat knots and naturally uniform cane). (An improved craftsmanship)

- LHM109-A semi-bleached "A grade" rattan cane webbing. Rattan yarn is produced traditionally, except the rattan (raw material) is A grade material, selected for light uniform color. In other words, its is made with highly selective A grade rattan, an elegant looking material (that shows value)

- W109B is made with the traditional LCH (Loonti/Lunchi) cane, B grade bleached into paper white color. L109B is semi-bleached B grade LCH cane webbing with some uneven color shade. Y109B is dark shaded natural quality

- W109C is either made with C grade LCH cane or other cane for economical reason, and its an improved quality . It is a semi-rustic looking natural cane webbing

- There are imitation cane webbing PPN109 is made with paper yarn, and PVC109 is made with plastic yarn.

7/16"mesh - LHM110 semi-bleached first quality, LCH Y110 - natural unbleached.

3/8"mesh - LHM111 semi-bleached first quality, LCH Y111 - natural unbleached.